Herbal Health And Beauty Care

  • Himani Products

    Himani Established in 1974, we have a portfolio of over 250 products based on ayurvedic formulations. Our current operations comprise more than 60 countries including GCC, Europe, Africa, CIS countries and the SAARC. Over 100 Emami products are sold every second somewhere around the world.

  • Dabur Products

    Dabur is India's largest Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer. Dabur was founded by Dr SK Burman, a physician in West Bengal. He founded Dabur in 1884 to produce and dispense Ayurvedic medicines.

  • Lotus Products

    Lotus Herbals is India’s leading natural cosmetics company. Combining ancient wisdom from the Vedas with 21st century technology, we offer a range of over 250 skin care, hair care, sun care and make-up products for the retail and professional markets.

  • Biotique Products

    A blend of proven Ayurvedic therapies and 21st century bio-technology. BIOTIQUE is synonymous with serious skin and hair care developed from Ayurveda. It embodies the collection of traditions developed by the ancient sages, passed down from generation to generation.

  • Vicco Products

    Founded in 1952 by late Shri K.V.Pendharkar, the VICCO Group has emerged today as makers of the best internationally known products of the Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of natural medicines. Having production units at Dombivli, Nagpur and Goa in India.